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          SunUp Mould Limited
          Shenzhen HuaYuShun Plastics Co.,Ltd

          ISO9001:2015 ISO14001:2004 ISO13485:2012 lATF16949:2016

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          At SunUp Mould, We feel that Quality management is the basic guarantee for the development of the company-this is also stated in our business strategy: Quality is uppermost, customer satisfaction. We have been certified ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2004 and ISO13485:2012.
          Certificates     Please click here for our ISO Certificates detail
          QC EquipmentsPlease click here for our QC equipment list
          QC Documents    For incoming resin, steel and also for mold shipment, we have the related QC documents to guarantee the quality.
          Type  Total Equipment Name  Orignial Capability Qua.   Remark Year
          QC Equipment 17 ZEISS  CMM  Germany 1000*700*600 1 Precise 2.1+L/250um 2015
          Leader CMM China 1000*600*500 1 Precise 2.9+L/250um 2013
          Taylor Hobsom Aspherical  USA Talysurf Series 2 1 Aspherical surface linear Profile 2006
          Mitutoyo Linear Height Japan 600/400 4 Precise 0.005mm 2013
          Mitutoyo Profile Projector  Japan 400*400 1 Precise 0.005mm 2013
          Mitutoyo Profile Projector  Japan PJ-R3000 1 Precise 0.005mm 2006
          Rational Profile Projector  China 500*400 1 Precise 0.01mm 2017
          Rational Profile Projector  China 300*200 1 Precise 0.01mm 2013
          Rational Profile Projector  China 200*100 1 Vertical  2017
          Everfine Points ball China Dia 300 1 2015
          Everfine Spectral Analyzer China GO-SPEC316 1 2015
          Skyray Eoxrf Spectrometer China EDX 2800 1 Rohs spectrometer 2013
          Hardness Tester China 2 2013