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          SunUp Mould Limited
          Shenzhen HuaYuShun Plastics Co.,Ltd

          ISO9001:2015 ISO14001:2004 ISO13485:2012 lATF16949:2016

          About Us

          SunUp was established in 2008, as private enterprise and reply on persistent superior quality and punctual delivery, SunUp has been recognized as one top of the most excellent mould manufacturers integrating mould design, mold construction....
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          After 20 years of expreience accumulating and improving , SunUp fully believe project management is much more important than machining. We also insist on working with belief Clients oriented, Quality first.
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          At SunUp Mould, We feel that Quality management is the basic guarantee for the development of the company-this is also stated in our business strategy: Quality is uppermost, customer satisfaction.
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          With the professional mould makers and advanced machines, SunUp mold can make the precision small tools, medium tools and large tools. For mold making equipment list , please click here for more information.
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          Injection Molding

          Equipped with 24 injection machines from 50-450T, SunUp Mold can provide both ordinary and precise injection production service to our customers including 2-shot injection, gas-assist injection, IMD and high gloss steam injection production.
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          Use our know-how and our experience - talk with us about individual OEM-solutions and successful assembling products.
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