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          SunUp Mould Limited
          Shenzhen HuaYuShun Plastics Co.,Ltd

          ISO9001:2015 ISO14001:2004 ISO13485:2012 lATF16949:2016

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          After 20 years of  expreience accumulating and improving , SunUp fully believe project management is much more important than machining. We also insist on  working with belief Clients oriented, Quality first.
          In order to high effectively  help our global customers simply know how SunUp control project  from RFQ to after-sales service between Marketing department and Engineering department, there is our project flow chart to guide you.

          Once a project start, we will appoint project engineer who fluently speak English to follow up and communicate with customer directly.
          There are 5 key points we implement strictly in the whole project process.

          ◆ Pre-Design Analysis  Meeting: We shall hold this meeting when we get approval from customer to start a project, to help our internal people fully understand the project in details such as customer tool standards requirement and discuss part  demould feasibily, mould structure design availability and machining possibility among our project engineer, designer, tooling worker and technical director.
          ◆ Weekly Report:  After ordering steel, weekly report will send to customer every Monday, so customer and us know whether the process is on time or not, and can get solution in advance if some procedure delay happened.
          ◆ Mold Trial Reports: SunUp highly values FOT to shorten modification time so we make complete reports including
          -molding parameter report,
          -molding trial video
          -SunUp self-evaluation report of trial
          -Measurement report
          ◆ Mold Check List: after cu stomer approval mold for shipment, SunUp make thorough -mold checking –up to each mold from disassembled ejectors to cooling flow test.
          ◆ After-Sales Service: in order to meet some special customer’s requirement, SunUp has good partners in North America, France, UK and Germany.
          This is   the necessary reports to customer we mentioned in above to make them clearly know project status wherever they are.