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          SunUp Mould Limited
          Shenzhen HuaYuShun Plastics Co.,Ltd

          ISO9001:2015 ISO14001:2004 ISO13485:2012 lATF16949:2016

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          Company profile

          SunUp was established in 2008, as private enterprise and reply on persistent superior quality and punctual delivery, SunUp has been recognized as one top of the most excellent mould manufacturers integrating mould design, mold construction, injection molding and product assembly.

          With the factory occupying of 5500 square meters, SunUp already has about 120 employees (23 for engineers), and has tooling workshops for precision & medium size of mold manufacturing; and precise injection molding workshops.

          Equipped with the most advanced softwares such as UG, CATIA, and Mouldflow for design, analysis and manufacturing, imported highly precision tooling machines from Switzerland, Germany and Japan, including 42000 RPM Mikron & Makion V33 high speed CNC, Charmille & Makino EDM, Sodick wire cutting, Okomoto Grinding Machine and Zeiss CMM inspection machines.

          We export 400sets moulds annually which range from precision, medium to large size.
          Our mold business has spread out to the followingmarkets:

          ●Home appliance

          Core Priority Technology:

          ●Collapsible core mold

          ●Rotated slider mold

          ●Unscrewing mold

          ●2K/2 components mold

          ●Over/insert mold
          ●Stack mold
          ●Gas Assistant injection mold
          ●High gloss steamed injection mold
          ●IMD/IML Mold

          We appreciate clients as the focus, constant enhancements and innovation as priority, use Erowa system and ERP managing system in the whole processes of tooling projects, enabling the controlling detailed into each single tool part. And the company implements strictly ISO system with the international standards.
          Sincerely, we welcome you and expect to be most steady and suitable partner for you.